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Is an archaic form of human misery and an example of how the nation has failed 2,000,000 of it's own American people each year.
Our goal here is to end national homelessness with giant leaps. How we will do this, first is by connecting homeless people to the proper channels so that they may obtain food, shelter and clothing each night through our resource listings. We educate homeless people to at least make homelessness a better condition while the homeless are still homeless.
We currently have the solution to end homelessness, and it is discussed further in the site.
In 1988 there were 5000,000-6000,000 homeless Americans.
In 1999 there were 2,000,000 homeless people that year with 7000,000 on the streets any given night. (National Coalition for the Homeless)
On this page we do not get into statistics as it has now become a problem past irrelevancy. The nation in general spends more time studing homeless people rather than helping them (which is one of the major $$$ and time consumptions in the whole homeless epidemic.)
The number is ever increasing and it is next to impossible to track and number homeless individuals though the statistics above are a good guess!

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